Good Direction For Your First Departure And The First Auspicious Day To Start Your Business In The Lunar New Year, The Cat Year.

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In the coming New Cat Year 2011 with Oriental tradition, in order to get good luck and prosperous, Vietnamese and other Oriental peoples have the customs to choose a good day to celebrate Year End Party, and choose a first auspicious day of new year to start the business and to choose the first guest of the new lunar year.

Departure on the 1st day of New Lunar Year.

Kỷ Sửu - Ox Day, Canh Dần-Tiger month.

This day, Địa Chi Sửu Thổ- Earth balance with Thien Can Kỷ Thổ- Earth), Chu Tước Hắc Đạo, is a bad luck day. However, if you really want to departure on this day, you should departure during Cat Time ( 5am to 7am) or Monkey Time (3pm to 5pm)

The best direction for your first departure of the new coming year is North West

The best first auspicious day of this Cat Year 2011 is the 9th.

If you really need to re-open the business earlier, you can take the 4th day, with the best lucky time is Snake Time, 9am to 11am.

The first guest selection

Your first guest of the coming Cat Year should be persons whose birth year is one of the following years 1983 Quý Hợi , 1953 Quý Tỵ, 1966 Bính Ngọ, 1982 Nhâm Tuất.

The above birthyear persons should be invited to be your first customer, to be your first guest of your new house party, to welcome new bride, to say good bye to people who have to travel far for business. Remember to choose nice person, who have good dignity, intelligence and kind heart. Male or female is just fine as long as they are not in period of mourning.

Your first guest of the new lunar year are not allowed to wear white or black cloth.

In the coming year 2011 Western scientists and Orientalism both predict a difficult global economic year, despite of good direction selection, powerful and strong spirit should be always counted.

May you have a healthy, happy,peaceful, prosperous and long live in New Cat Year 2011.


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