Lời Tiên Tri Năm 2012 - Bản Dịch Tiếng Anh

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Thưa Sư Phụ,

Châu Thế Vinh xin được đưa bài dịch Tiếng Anh, lời tiên tri 2012 của Sư phụ. Có một số thuật ngữ lý học Đông phương tương đối khó hiểu, Châu Thế Vinh đã làm 1 phần chú thích riêng đăng ở phần cuối bài này.

Quan điểm dịch thuật: tuyệt đối không dùng bất cứ ngôn ngữ Hán dược phiên âm sang Tiếng Anh nhất là các thuật ngữ Lý học Đông phương (vì khả năng gây hiểu nhầm Lý học Đông phương thuộc nền văn minh Hán). Các phần dịch khác bám sát với nội dung bản tiếng Việt.

Nhờ Sư phụ và các Anh Chị em thành viên của diễn đàn xem xét và cho ý kiến để Trung tâm chúng ta có được 1 bản dịch Tiếng Anh hoàn chỉnh cho Những lời Tiên tri năm 2012 của Sư phụ.

Sau đây là phần nội dung bài dịch:


Ancient Orential Academic Principle researcher – Nguyen Vu Tuan Anh prophesy for the world overall picture and VietNam in 2012

(For better understanding, readers should consider to the Glossary of Ancient Oriental Academic Principle may closely relate to prophetic content at the end this article)

In 2004, Ancient Orential Academic Principle researcher – Nguyen Vu Tuan Anh, Director of Center of Research Principle of Ancient Oriental Astrology prophesied consternated earthquake would occur in Indonesia and the Philippines. In 2008 he had prophesied the decline of the Global economic recession would occur in April 5/2008. In 2010, he also had a well-known annoucement that he will “chase rain” during the 10 days of the celebration of 1000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi, which has been experienced over the 10 day celebration. In 2011 he made prophecies about the stock market, real estate and gold ... This year, he continued to make prophecies for 2012, inviting readers for reference and experiment…

The Ancient Orential cultual heritage have many methodology for future prophecy which have a very different between the methods, but all of it use for reflection events will be happened. As many year before, I (the author- Nguyen Vu Tuan Anh) used the Lac Viet Reckoning(1) method with many hexagrams to predict for phenomenons. This year, with new discoveries about Lac Viet Jet-Celestial model(2), I applied this method to prophesy, combine with Lac Viet Reckoning. The Lac Viet Jet-Celestial map is displayed as shown below:

The Lac Viet Jet-Celestial map for 2012 (Nhâm Thìn (3) year)

Posted Image

Posted Image

On the basis of Lac Viet Jet-Celestial model that I presented above , mention that Thái Tuế (The Jupiter) will move to Thìn (Dragon) mode in Southeast by Lac Viet Jet-Celestial model combine with The River Map. The axisymmetric direction of Thái Tuế (Tuế Xung) will be Northwest, and of course the destroy direction by Thái Tuế (Tuế Phá) will be Southwest – that all of Oriental Academic Principle researchers and ancient books had a unification, whether the name can vary. According to the cycle principle, after every 12 years, Thái Tuế - means The Jupiter will returned to the predefined position. But the principle cycle of Lac Viet Jet - Celestial model, is itself different: each 9 years for the small restore cycle and after each 180 year, it will repeat itself the 20 year cycle. The period from 2004 to 2023 will be the No.8 Cycle, that the symbolic Jupiter will come to the central part of the River Map as regulation. In addition, there have Big Cycle(4), Grand Cycle(5) and Grand Big Cycle(6) …as calculation by Ancient Oriental Academic Principle. To simplify the complex methodologies relate to Big Cycle, Grand Cycle and Grand Big Cycle bearing the deeply specialist knowledge , we only presented on the basis of the Lac Viet Jet-Celestial model in the graph on the No.8 Cycle. On this basis, we prophesy that:


The Global Economy:

In 2008, I had a prophecy for a global economic recession and it has been published in the Spring issue of Social & Family magazine - it is the year that many great companies in the world collapsed.

In 2010, I also determined and prophesied that this it was the year of economic crisis in national stature. The fact that many countries have excessively high public debt and they must have bailouts and the continued foreign debt.

From early in 2011 I prophesied that: This year saw the consequences of the continuing global economic recession since 2008 and will affect the life, social security, cause to the social crisis in many countries.

In 2012 we determined that: the world economy continues to decline at the national level, followed by the continuing global economic recession in 2011 but with more serious level. If in the early stages of the global economic recession since 2008, I predicted that international companies go bankrupt, then in 2011 and 2012 there will be more small and medium enterprises bankruptcies . Naturally it is the consequence of pulling a large number of unemployed people. The traditional industries such as consumer goods manufacturing, electronics, construction, real estate, travel ... will be heavy affected and delayed. World stock market will have a heavy recession. A time of unexpected downhill are determined at most late Spring and early Summer. In many countries can say the recession-hit economy, causing more serious consequences. Many countries appear serious inflation and of course prices have skyrocketed and cause more serious crisis because of an imbalance between the economic sectors and social security.

Real Estate worldwide recession were excessive. In some countries, it is the explosion of real estate bubble, its aftermath led to the collapse of related industries such as banking, building materials, construction industry ....

Real estate continues gloomy recession.

The world gold and oil prices began to increase significantly at the beginning of February Vietnamese lunar calendar (equal to March in solar calendar).

Banking becomes reel.

Natural calamities

In 2011 the world has seen and experienced the severe natural calamities of floods, droughts, earthquakes bring the record - and this was our forecast in the last lunar year end party. In 2012 (Nhâm Thìn year), natural calamity is more heavy increasing, and the ravaged-rate as well as losses, influences will be increased significantly even higher than in 2011 very much. Especially for the time of year end, we can say the crisis in 2012 was the year of natural calamity in the history of human civilization on record. The more country located nearly Northern Hemisphere the more heavy influence. According to Lac Viet Jet-Celestial model above, the region where the most severe natural calamities happen will be Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, South and Southeast China. Generally, it is the Northwest - Southeast axis under the assignment provision in the Lac Viet Jet-Celestial model that we have presented above. The more the year end comes, the more heavy natural calamity increase. Drought will be very seriously compare with 2011, losses cause by floods, storms as happened in 2011 (Tân Mão(7)) will be increasing in Nhâm Thìn year -2012. In addition, there are the more happening of unusual natural phenomenons such as: tornadoes, hails, snowstorms…. There will be great earthquakes, without intensity determination, but will cause more losses. Particularly for the countries located in volcanos belt such as Australia, Indonesia, Philippine…(Places often take precautions). Elsewhere we have described above also the potential places of large earthquakes.

In 2012 although there is no earthquake with large magnitude earthquake in Japan on 11. 3. 2011, but appears much smaller earthquake of magnitude but causing major losses.

Epidemic diseases

Many strange diseases will appear, but these are not widespread. It only appear in local regions or limitations in the national territory. The Pandemic will sprout on the year end.


If in 2011 we only put the issue "The world need to prevent war in national level", then in 2012, there will be the war in national level, this can happen at the beginning of next year. Within less than half of the year. Where can happen is: the Middle East or Northeast Asia. But the possibility of more in the Middle East. The East Sea issue will generally occur much controversy, but no major war occur. There will be many very good sign for the sovereignty of Vietnam in in Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelago. Here I need to determine that: if the war in East Sea do not happen, it means there is no war in Northeast Asia.


The terrorist group is declining in number and dangerous degree which do not make a big impression. The crisis and the terrorist organizations in Afghanixtan is almost disabled. But it appear the risk of terrorist groups in other regions. The level of audacious and dangerous activities of these groups. But only present in small countries. In general, the facts related to terrorism are quite reduced, many terrorist organizations are captured or disband.

The probems of social evils

Social crisis have aggravating due to economic recession. Appears demonstrations, strikes or uprisings in some countries. Appears the confrontation between the protect forces against rebel forces causing serious crisis in even the current powerful countries. These social evils will be on a lot, but the nature of serious cases, particularly atrocities will decrease. The social evils such as burglary, theft, robbery increased in number but decreased in serious degree. The famine will occur due to the above natural calamities and social contradiction mainly occurs in Africa and South Asia. Social crisis, the value of traditional culture is disturbed, appeared new lifestyles. To some extent, in parts of the population appears new religious movements. There are some super-power countries face to major social crisis will be resolved, causing the mark in history. Some governments will have no end of its tenure in powerful countries. Hotspots of drugs in Mexico would be diminished by the efforts of the government and their allies. But drug-trafficking and other evils, such as smuggling, slave trading, illegal immigration ... is not reduced in other regions of the world and tend to increase more severe. This detailed forecasts will be evaluated through the frequency of the offenders will be punished in 2012

Food Safety and Hygiene

It can be said about food safety, consumer goods not reduce the negative, some places became a national issue of concern.

Science and Technology


Science and technology for military will have more superiority progress and strongly development. The super weapons will be released and the modern methods of warfare become classic. Specifically, the universal super-weapon will become more complete and appear of new weapons with non-traditional structures, such as lade weapons ...


However, in the global economic recession, a number of leading-edge industries of science and technology such as features of electronic software, information and communication technology, basic sciences, theoretic science are still develop. Trends of research in robotics, automation will be developed next year, of course will have a positive impact on economic stability. Especially the space science and automation will have many important inventions. 2012 will be a year of robot development of the world of science . Future of science and technology will develop theoretic science and automation with the increasingly superiority software as regard as tools to serve for human ideas in natural discovery. The biomimetic robot will become increasingly dominant in the invention of the future. Appears remarkable inventions in science as impressive phenomenon "Basic Lemma of mathematics -Ngo Bao Chau".

In particular, Electronic computer technology, the global network has many remarkable development.


2012 will be the year of great inventions relate to biology and medicine. Some incurable diseases and considered diseases of the world as HIV, cancer, malaria will be repulsed or dominated…


As my prophecies, in 2012, the United States will be also influenced by the worldwide recession, but there are no serious influences. In spite of particular remedies, the US economy still in the recession situation. 2012 were evaluated as the year of slow development of US economy, all effort to push the development will useless. But USA still be the super-power country. Obama president will still win the next election. Internal conflicts of USA are inconsiderable compare with 2011. Movements as “ Wall Street arrogation” will self-febrifugal and come to the disbandment which replaced by other small demonstration movements. The solidarity of Americans will increase because of common interests. And this is the general trend of USA and the world in 2012.


It is probably said that, 2012 is the year of more considerations from scientists and prophets. In the global information age, it is also an information with more considerations of all people in the the world. As we could recognize that there were more prophecies about the doomsday in the recent decade. For example in 2000 as Y2K problem or in last year with the problem in 21 May at USA...But the 21 December 2012 problem is more significantly considered than any prophecies about doomsday in the history of human civilization. Because there are a noteworthy coincidence as follow:

- The ancient Calender or the Maya civilization will be ended in 21 December 2012

- At that time, all of the planet in the solar system will be in a straight line which was the radial line of the Galaxies. Simultaneously, this is also the Winter solstice.

According to Ancient Oriental Academic Principle, this is a cathode phenomenon in relation to the position of planets in the solar system, means that a powerful possitive element will impact to the Earth.

So is it the cause of the destruction on the Earth or not?

However: the time of planets in a straight line will be happened in a very short term. So, the influence is not strong, although it directly impact to the Earth. Furthermore, the activation of these interactions to cause unusual natural phenomenons as we usually call natural calamity on the Earth …need enough time for making domino effects. It is the reason for no natural calamity happen soon as that time, but as soon after that, when planets return to the normal position, the impacts will comes. However, myself –with the knowledge of Ancient Oriental Academic Principle for the name of Vietnam civilization, determined that: natural calamity will more heavy increase than many recent decades, but not the extermination. There are no doomsday! I still have a decision that I will invite my friends go out for drinking in that day. And I hope that, after this time, the world become better, humanity will more closely because of these natural calamities.


Analysis under Ancient Oriental Academic Principle

The Economy

The Vietnam economy will get more powerful investments from many countries in the world. But it need a policy, direction for the future investment. For example: infrastructure investment as bridges, traffic- way…natural environment, energy of future… Especially the neccessary of investment in leading edge sciences which will develop in the future as information technology, automatization, research investment in theoretical basic science…In my opinion, Vietnam should try to build a overall development: culture, science and technology, economy… It need to restore cultural and historical values in order to balance with the psychosocial status. Investible backbone economy of the State, as the large enterprises of State should reinforce the organization and orientation

Diplomatic aspect

Next year Vietnam will continue to consolidate and strengthen their place in international relations. The voice of Vietnam with international oganization will be more and more growth the attention, respect.

Science and technology

Vietnam in 2012 will tend to develop scientific and technical direction to agriculture and scientific research for agricultural development will be developed, including mechanical engineering industry which produce products for agriculture.

One of the industry should be concerned that is the investment of energy for the future, especially the development of global information networks. Inparticular, the electronic computer technology, the global network have many remarkable development, especially in Vietnam. Science research should pay attention to products for human and marine-related transportation. I determine: In the future, trend of world development will aim to exploit the potential of the sea, such as sea food, oceanography, marine resources ... Science and Technology for military service: Will appear inventions, improvements and development to strengthen their defensive power enough to deter the make eyeing forces Vietnam’s territory to hesitate.

Real Estate

The real estate market is a continuation of the recession in 2011 and began to create serious consequences, affecting related industries, such as building materials, steel, banking .. ... The next happening would be the economic turmoil because of bad loans caused. Only those with real potential can sustain through this crisis will continue to develop later.

Stock market:

Because the overall impact of the global economic situation, the Vietnam stock market could not in outside the common deterioration of the global market. This situation will last for many years. The existence and the economy is maintained by the small and medium enterprises.

The society

Due to the impact of economic crisis, so the social evils would be developed: burglary, theft, robbery happens more but will reduce the severity. However, Nham Thin is a developed year of Vietnam in international relations, the value of Vietnamese culture will be noticed by both the domestic and the world.

Natural calamities:

Next year, it is the neccessary of water disasters preventation, the most important place in the North was Nothwest and from central of the Central to the Mekong River for flooding preventation. These regions also have the possibility of earthquakes, but not more than 5, 5 on the Richter degree + / - 1, and do not cause serious consequences. Earthquakes can occur offshore from central of the Central to South. In addition, a possible location of an earthquake is the waters around the Cape of Ca Mau.

Social relation

The debate, public debate will develop in the direction of construction. However, it appears the trend of attacked and negative debates, but not universal


In 2012, the world and Vietnam, accidents are aggravating, especially vehicles accidents are no remedy. The other accidents, such as the collapse is concerned, or not related to nature, fires .... tend to increase. Especially in 2012, Vietnam need to prevent the accidents related to aircraft. Airlines need to check the technical skills for security related to the civilian airline ..... Most are either winter or summer.

The Culture

In 2012 the Vietnamese cultural values will be noticed in both the world and domestic. The cultural values of Vietnam will be more known in the world.


Appearing on human diseases related to the digestive tract, blood, cardiovascular and nervous. But not serious. But also in 2012, Vietnam will have the advances of medicine.

- In animals:

Diseases relate to animals: In general, Vietnam have topical areas of disease, particularly four legs animals as cattle, pigs are susceptible. Overall picture of the world next year not very bright, but in particularly, Vietnam continues to grow and develop. Although there may not be as desire.

I hope 2012 will be a year of beginnings for a better future for the country's desnity future.

On behalf of Center of Research Principle of Ancient Oriental Astrology, I would like to send all your readers a good new year and prosperity.

Translater: Châu Thế Vinh - member of Center of Research Principle of Ancient Oriental Astrology

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Em chờ bài này hôm nọ nay, giờ đã có rồi. Cảm ơn anh nhé. Em đặt chỗ ngồi đọc lại sau. Với lại em nghĩ bài này mình chuyển vào các mục tiếng Anh, anh thấy sao?

Xin ý kiến của SP.

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Em chờ bài này hôm nọ nay, giờ đã có rồi. Cảm ơn anh nhé. Em đặt chỗ ngồi đọc lại sau. Với lại em nghĩ bài này mình chuyển vào các mục tiếng Anh, anh thấy sao?

Xin ý kiến của SP.

Nhờ BabyWolf put bài này vào mục Tiếng Anh của diễn dàn và trong Phòng điều hành luôn giúp anh.

Bài này còn thiếu phần Chú thích và 1 số hình do anh up hình bị hỏng liên tục. Đang bận quá, dự định trưa này sang Trung tâm nhờ anh Thiên Đồng up hộ.

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Cảm ơn Châu Thế Vinh

Quan điểm dịch thuật: tuyệt đối không dùng bất cứ ngôn ngữ Hán dược phiên âm sang Tiếng Anh nhất là các thuật ngữ Lý học Đông phương (vì khả năng gây hiểu nhầm Lý học Đông phương thuộc nền văn minh Hán). Các phần dịch khác bám sát với nội dung bản tiếng Việt.

Hoàn toàn chính xác!

Việc chứng minh Việt sử 5000 năm văn hiến đòi hỏi mỗi chúng ta phải có những cố gắng vượt trội, quan sát kỹ và rất chi tiết. Không thể hồ đồ.

Anh chị em thân mến.

Bài viết này cần gửi đến tất cả các trang web hoặc báo tiếng Anh cả trong nước và nước ngoài có nội dung liên quan. Cần ghi rõ: Người dịch Châu Thế Vinh.

Chúng ta cần quảng bá luận điểm Việt sử 5000 năm văn hiến ra cả thế giới.Sự hấp dẫn của nó chính là một lý thuyết thống nhất từ một nền văn minh cổ xưa sẽ quay lại với nhân loại, theo lời tiên tri của bà Vanga. Cá nhân tôi tin rằng chúng ta sẽ thành công.

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