How to get a motorsport sponsorship in United Kingdom

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Getting a motorsport sponsorship is not as easy as it might sound. There are only limited companies and brands that are willing to advertise in motorsport and there is also a high level of uncertainty involved with these sponsorships. A company can grant sponsorship for a driver but his performance might deteriorate after a year or so and this is a loss for the company that offered the motorsport sponsorship package.
Sponsorship through motorsport advertising is much easier but these sponsorships are only given for a limited period of time and only the best drivers get these scholarships. There is a lot of initial investment involved in the motorsport career and one should be extremely consistent and should have the skills to make it far in motorsport.
Motorsport sponsorship opportunities are mostly seen in big events which are covered by Tv broadcasters and popular teams like Mercedes and Red Bull look for young drivers who have the required talent. These teams sponsor them and train them so that they can represent their brand in the future.

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