This exercise is good and more than just for fun

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The benefits of swimming include a healthy heart, burn calories, relieve asthma symptoms, and reduce stress.

The health benefits of swimming are usually associated with increasing height or building back muscles. However, this sport actually has a much broader influence than that.

Swimming is included as a cardio exercise. That is, if done regularly, swimming will make the heart healthier. The benefits of swimming are also not only limited to physical because this water sport is believed to reduce stress levels.

For those of you who are often weak in daily life or lack of energy for activities, one solution that can be done to overcome this is to swim regularly. Swimming will really help people who have a sedentary or sedentary lifestyle to have more energy. Just by swimming for 30 minutes three times a week, you can already feel the difference in energy levels in the body due to increased metabolic processes.

When you swim, you will be using almost all of your body's major muscles. Starting from the arms, legs, to the stomach. Even so, swimming is a low-intensity exercise, so it is safe for almost everyone to do whatever their fitness level. Because there is a pressure difference between land and water, the body will feel lighter when we are in the pool. So if you are a beginner who wants to start doing more physical activity, then swimming can be an option.

Swimming is also suitable as a sport to lose weight. Because, when swimming, there will be quite a lot of calories burned. Moreover, the body feels lighter when we are in the water. This makes movement more flexible and we don't get tired quickly. In fact, the burning of calories that occurs is the same between land and water. But keep in mind that the number of calories the body burns through swimming depends on each person's body weight, duration, frequency, intensity, and the type of swimming movement performed. For example, people with a body weight of 83 kg who swim for 30 minutes is said to be able to burn up to 226 kilo calories. Amazing, right?

As a cardio exercise, swimming is very good for improving the health of the cardiovascular system which consists of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. If you swim regularly, the heart and lung muscles will be stronger. This makes the respiratory system healthier.

Not only for physical health, swimming is also beneficial for mental health. Because when you exercise, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that play a role in improving mood, so they are often referred to as the happiness hormone.

Swimming can make the body more relaxed. With this, feelings of anxiety and stress can be reduced. During swimming, you can also take your mind off the problem you are facing.

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We think too late that there are many different useful activities when all your youth you hang out, drink a lot and constantly get into adventures.

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Usually, constant parties and alcohol end badly after your 40s, and many get addicted because of this, a person thinks that this is the only way to be satisfied. Sports became my help when I decided to stop drinking, but there are other forms of help on the scale of other types of community care to stop being an addict and find other joys in life.

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